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Silk Jacquard

What is Silk Jacquard?

Silk jacquard, polyester jacquard, cotton jacquard… what does it all mean? Jacquard is not a material but rather a type of elaborate weave that is produced by a Jacquard loom.

A jacquard machine is a device that is added to the power loom to make the manufacturing of woven fabrics with complex patterns easier. Unlike other materials where the design is printed onto the cloth, jacquard designs are woven into the cloth. It gives an unlimited amount of pattern weaves from classics like brocade, damask and matelassé to modern geometric, floral, and complex designs. The options are endless.

There are many variations in the weight and composition of the cloth. Since it’s a weaving process and can be made with a large variety of fibers, jacquard fabrics are suitable for all seasons. The weave can be made for light summer and spring clothes as well as thick heavy duty winter wear.

Jacquard fabrics are durable and stable, textured to touch, and in general wrinkle resistant making them ideal for clothing items like ties, jackets, pants, and cardigans as well as for upholstery, curtains, and interior décor.

Other materials can also be incorporated into the weave such as spandex and lycra allowing the material to stretch making it suitable for body-hugging and fitted styles.

Silk Jacquard is basically silk or silk blends that have been woven on a jacquard loom.

It can be glossy or matte, depending on the threads used. Using both matte and reflective threads gives the fabric a stronger light and dark contrast.

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