What your necktie color means

What your necktie color means

Know what your tie color is saying about you

At times we want others to read us as we are, while at other times we would like to portray a different message.  Sometimes we need to dress the part though we don’t always feel the part and use a Fake it till you make it kind of strategy. The best way to go about all that is by knowing tie color meanings.

Colors are used to evoke emotions and responses. We use them in marketing and advertising to transport our ideas. We use them around our homes where we regenerate our energy, and we use them in our attire to express our selves more fluently.

Choosing the right colored tie creates harmony between the message you want to convey and the one you actually are. That’s why we have compiled this helpful little list of tie color meanings for you.

Tie Color Meanings:

Light Blue: Friendly

While blue in general conveys trust, stability, and confidence, light blue is perceived as a more tranquil color that evokes youthfulness and liveliness. Wear it to appear more approachable and friendly.

Check out our Light Blue Tie for a friendly appearance.

Dark Blue: Serious

Dark blue is a serious color that establishes trust and credibility. It conveys boldness, confidence, and knowledge whilst clearly stating that there is no fooling around.

Express your serious side at work with this Dark Blue Tie.

Blue: Secure

Blue ties are great for interviews, meetings, and public speaking. The color suggests a credible nature that is willing to be cooperative and constructive.

Be confident and secure in a modern Blue Tie.

Black: Mysterious or Formal?

Black, the color of elegance and prestige. Though normally reserved for formal events and grieving, when worn casually it denotes a mysterious side that’s open to the unknown.

Check out this classic Black Tie.

Red: Authoritative

Commonly referred to as a power tie, the attention-grabbing red symbolizes power, energy, and assertiveness. In the business world, wearing red reaffirms your strength, determination, and dominance.

Be both seductive and authoritative with this exquisite Red Tie.

Burgundy: Conservative

Express your determination and assertiveness without seeming too aggressive. Wearing burgundy express a bold statement in a mature manner which makes it a great choice for business.

Check out this conservative Burgundy Tie Set.

Yellow: Positive and intellectual

Yellow gives way to a creative and playful demeanor. Also a power tie, wearing yellow says that you’re intelligent and not afraid of a challenge.

Get playful with our beautiful Yellow Tie.

Orange: Creative

Orange is an exciting color that implies you’re vibrant, open-minded and adventurous.  While wearing this color leaves a great first impression, it displays dominance around the office.

Show your creative side with an Orange Tie.

Light Green: Diplomatic

Being the color of nature, wearing green gives off a diplomatic and dependable appearance. Light green ties reflect a harmonious spirit that is fresh and well balanced.

Be diplomatic and balanced with a Light Green Tie.

Dark Green: Solid

Green is associated with practical and reliable characteristics. Dark green ties indicate ambition and the willingness to succeed. It is a great color to wear when you need to appear stable and serious.

Flaunt your solid and reliable features with a beautiful Green Tie.

Grey: Metropolitan

A neutral color, grey is linked with wisdom and efficiency. Wearing grey allows you to blend in without seeming overbearing, making others feel more comfortable. Depending on the wearer it can suggest either confidence and proficiency or insecurity and indecision.

For a metropolitan look, wear a Gray Tie.

Brown: Dependable

Embodying security, comfort, and stability, brown generally reflects a well-grounded attitude. Often referred to as a mature color, brown ties portray an established and collected personality.

Purple: Extravagant

A regal color fit for kings, purple represents nobility, dignity, power, and luxury. Wearing a purple tie indicates that you’re a calm and in control leader that is willing to impart their wisdom to others.

For a royal look, check out our Purple Tie.

Pink: Thoughtfulness

Pink is good for a gentle friendly appearance since it leans towards femininity and passiveness. Express equality and the readiness for collaboration with a pink tie. They are great both in the office and on dates.

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