Do you wear your watch on the left hand or on the right hand?

why do we wear the watch on the left hand

Do you wear your watch on the left hand or on the right hand?

Where do you wear a watch?

Do you wear your watch on the left hand or on the right hand?

Most of us absently mindedly place our watches on our left hand without a second thought as to why that is. That being said, there are practical reasons of why we wear it on our left hand.


Around 89% of the world population is right-handed and the watch, like most other appliances, is designed for right-handed people.


Wearing the watch on your left-hand keeps your right-hand freer and lighter. Take writing, for example, wearing a watch on your right hand whilst writing can get a bit bothersome. The watch gets in the way, presses against your wrist and becomes prone to scratches and damages; which brings us to the next point.


Wearing the watch on your left hand reduces damage to the watch. Since it’s in less use, your watch is safer on your left hand.


When you need to check the time, it’s easier to do so with your left hand. It’s more convenient for us to check the time using our left hand whilst our right hand is busy.

The Crown

And for all the reasons listed above, most watch crowns (the little knob used for adjusting the dial) are placed on the right. This makes it easier for us to adjust the watch without having to take it off. Try switching the watch to your right hand and adjusting the crown with your left, you’ll find that it’s neither easy nor comfortable to do. Again, designed with right-handed people in mind.

What About Lefties?

But what happens if you’re left-handed? Do you wear your watch on the left hand or the right hand? Well, there are a couple of options for left-handed people. The first would be to find a left-handed watch, one with the crown placed on the left side of the watch or at the top. The second would be to just wear the watch on the right, or left, or whatever you prefer. Preferably on your non-dominant hand.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong way to wear your watch and it all comes down to whatever feels right.

There are lots of people that wear their watches on their dominant hand, regardless of being right or left handed.

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